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It’s spring time and we are having more sunny and warm days. In the Netherlands, this time around there are a plethora of things to do and to help it, a you have a lot of public holidays. Amongst the many things, Netherlands has millions of tourists visiting in spring to see the Keukenhof gardens … Continue reading »

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COSSE Workshop

In the month of February, every year there is a workshop which is attended by the entire COSSE family and the extended family (alumni, affiliated professors, etc). The workshop is aptly called the COSSE Workshop and is held in the cities where the partnering institutions are located. This year the workshop was in Berlin and … Continue reading »

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TU Delft V/s TU Berlin Part 1

Ahhh!!! January is finally over. One of the most hectic months of a student’s life at TUD, where you have exams, assignments, presentations and what not! Having completed a semester here at TUD corroborates my attempt to compare the study at TUB v/s TUD. Study Pattern TUB has a semester pattern, in the sense, that … Continue reading »

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COSSE Semester at TUD

Delft can be aptly described by a phrase in Sanskrit- सदैव सौन्दर्य पश्य which means- Always See Beauty. My previous blog described the serene beauty of Delft through a short bike trip. Well, as beautiful as Delft is, I am here to study not roam! My earlier bike trip was on a day when the … Continue reading »

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Journey on a “DUTCH” Monday

It was a gloomy Monday of October- misty mornings, dark-rainy afternoons! For people living in the Netherlands, rains are as often a visitor as Joey to Monica’s in the popular TV show FRIENDS. That day was no different! It had rained all afternoon and I had been studying all day. Towards evening, to my astonishment … Continue reading »

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