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COSSE Semester at TUD

Posted by on 11/01/2018

Delft can be aptly described by a phrase in Sanskrit- सदैव सौन्दर्य पश्य which means- Always See Beauty.

My previous blog described the serene beauty of Delft through a short bike trip. Well, as beautiful as Delft is, I am here to study not roam! My earlier bike trip was on a day when the workload was less. And believe me, such days are as rare as hens’ teeth. So, in this blog I would like to shed light on how this semester has been in terms of the type and amount of work.

Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering (COSSE)

I am enrolled in the COSSE program at TU Delft, which is a unique program offering two master’s degree from two different universities. I started my masters at TU Berlin where I studied for the first year and the next leg would be completed here, at TU Delft. I am required to complete a certain amount of credits and pursue my masters thesis at TUD. Woah! now that I think about it I will have two master’s degree by August 2018 (fingers crossed, if all goes well).

For this semester I have taken up 3 courses and I am supposed to start the literature study for my master’s thesis in tandem. Sounds pretty fine, right? Even I thought it would be easy until I started my work. But boy, little did I know what was in store for me.

The problems I faced were quite strange. So, I am studying for a course named Advanced Fluid Dynamics which is a course requiring physical thinking. Then, another course is Computational Fluid Dynamics, which is more numerical, so need to think on the lines of how physical principles are implemented in a computer code.  These two make up the perfect course structure for my career.

Then comes a course on Martingales, which is a math subject requiring a lot of abstract thinking. Now this creates a problem, I must sit and tell my brain- ‘Hey, I am studying Martingales. Please switch on to the abstract thinking mode. Don’t think about it practically!’ And the next you know, this is BB8 (Star Wars) writing the blog.

In the initial period this was hard, it consumed humongous amounts of time. Though, now it requires a little less time to adjust. One might think that my choices went wrong, well it is not so! I need to opt for the compulsory course on martingales which is a pain. But, I am not the first one from the COSSE program doing this, and would, definitely not be the last one.

It might seem here that I am cribbing for no reason as it is just three courses, but it isn’t over until the fat lady sings. There is the LITERATURE STUDY for master’s thesis. Generally, when a TU Delft masters student starts work on his/her thesis, he/she dedicates entire 9 months for it. But, being in the COSSE program one must start the thesis parallelly. Thus, with all the above add the work on thesis, which supposedly should be at the level of a student doing a full-time thesis.

Such is the complexity and vibrancy of learnings you achieve through the program. You don’t get two masters for no reason! My brain had a tough time during these months, probably worse than when ‘Master Luke’ left the Republic for the Jedi Temple (given I have become BB8 by now).

As I am writing this, I am at the airport waiting for my flight to board and looking forward to a well-deserved Christmas break. It’s December, January still awaits. The month where I have exams, assignments and submit the literature study report. I foresee this to be the busiest January of my entire life! Thank you for reading and hope this gave you an insight of the work load you will face when you join TU Delft.

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