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Journey on a “DUTCH” Monday

Posted by on 25/11/2017

It was a gloomy Monday of October- misty mornings, dark-rainy afternoons! For people living in the Netherlands, rains are as often a visitor as Joey to Monica’s in the popular TV show FRIENDS. That day was no different! It had rained all afternoon and I had been studying all day. Towards evening, to my astonishment the sky began to clear and within a few minutes I saw a ray of sunlight. Such is the weather here, volatile like the shifting sands!

It was long due on my mind to go on a bike ride to the south of Delft where you find a lot of farms and beautiful small neighbourhoods. A dull and lethargic me ironically, decided to go bike riding to these farms. Generally, I use Google Maps whenever I am going to unknown places. That day, I just went without Google, in fact, my phone was on Airplane Mode. Though, I did note down some locations cause well, you know, I might want to go back there.

My journey, as I would like to call it, of 1 hour 30 mins started in the direction of Buitenhof. In this district, you will find small yet beautiful houses with a small backyard and garage. It is incredible for a person like me, who comes from a big city, to see such houses, just a couple of kilometres from downtown. As I reached the end of Buitenhof, I saw a contrasting view of huge farms whose background were tall buildings of the developed world. Crossing a lake, I reached a bike path (fietspad) which passed through the farms. You should know that there are a lot of canals and small lakes in and around Delft.  I stopped by one of these lakes next to one of the farms, to catch a glimpse of the evening sun setting down overlooking the lake. The view was breath-taking and the aura around me lifted my spirits.


I continued my journey in the south-west direction where farms passed by me like a motion picture. I suddenly stopped at the sight of a huge flock of birds flying from the farm in tandem against the backdrop of windmills, and grazing cattle. This had to be the highlight of my journey. Unfortunately, I couldn’t click any picture, but I can still imagine the whole scene and the birds flying in-sync in shape of a spear head. Excited, I continued my journey along the lush green farms which appeared golden as the sun went beyond the horizon. This path converged to a canal and I turned to proceed along the canal.

On the way, I met an old man fishing in the canal. I have been uncharacteristically inquisitive about fishing since I have arrived in the Netherlands. May be, because of my friends here who narrate their experiences while fishing which entices me more. This guy was friendly, such are the people of Delft, plus, he spoke impeccable English. He told me you can get minnow, pike, carp, and some other fishes (which I didn’t understand because their names were in Dutch) in the canals around Delft. One striking thing that he said, and I quote, “About 10-15 years ago, the fishes we caught were really healthy and we could also eat them if we wanted. Now, the fishes are mostly poisonous, and it is not advised to eat them.” I guess industrialization and global warming is ruining our future!  After a nice talk, I realised it was already dark and I should return home and started in that direction. As my journey, and so is my blog, about to end, a happy and rejuvenated remembered how much I had to study.

Hope you liked the account of my small journey as I bid Adieu to you. Stay tuned for the next posts, as I will share my experiences with you! Meanwhile, feel free to post comments if you liked or did not like what I wrote, or what you feel about the blog (awesome? :P). Also, if you need to know of any my experiences specific to things like courses or anything shoot me an email or write in the comments section. Thank You!

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2 Responses to Journey on a “DUTCH” Monday

  1. Kartik Nagaraj Sunku

    Great start 🙂 And the pictures complement the writing! Keep them coming.

  2. Swapna

    Amazed to read it. Complete picturesque articulation

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